Monday, June 7, 2010

Sea sponges and breast cancer patients

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Recent result study found that patients with metastatic breast cancer who do chemotherapy with the drug made from sea sponges proved to have a chance to live longer about one to two months.

A drug called eribulin is more effective when compared with other chemotherapy drugs, according to research presented on Sunday (7 / 6) by a group of British researchers at the regular meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago.

The study involved more than 750 female patients who were randomly eribulin as a treatment option offered by physicians. All women had undergone cancer treatment and had undergone an average of four times of chemotherapy.

The researchers suggest the existence of 23 per cent improvement in those who consume eribulin. They also have the opportunity to live more than 13 months, while those not consuming can only survive for 10.7 month. The results of this study indicate that eribulin is effective new drug for breast cancer weight scale," said Dr. Christopher Twelves, author and a professor of Clinical Cancer Research Group at the Institute of Medicine Institute of Oncology Molekualar Leeds St James, England.

With this drug, we have seen no progress in terms of survival of a rare," he told Targeting cell division eribulin ie different from the previous mechanism," he said. These results and the effective potential as a new treatment for breast cancer patients.

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