Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heart Attack prevent with vitamin pills

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Healthy heart, as you often hear, depending on the decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). But now, the recommendations are not that simple. The latest finding shows that cholesterol is part of a dual action. And vitamin tablets, according to the findings of this study, can be used as a new treatment for heart disease.

Recently, researchers discovered that cholesterol had a twin brother known as lipoprotein (a), which could increase the risk of heart disease. Own LDL and Lp (a) would double the risk and increase the risk of clogged arteries.

Previously, the doctors also have known that people with higher levels of Lp (a) more susceptible to heart attack or stroke. But earlier is not known whether Lp (a) is the trigger or not.
Now, researchers have found a certain relationship between Lp (a) high levels and cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels). Dr Robert Clarke from Clinical trial service unit at Oxford University, said, quoted by the site "These findings confirm that Lp (a) the factor that causes coronary heart disease," Monday (21 / 6).
Role of vitamin
Levels of Lp (a) is believed to be triggered by a factor of more genes than other factors. The good news, Lp (a) appear to respond to a number of vitamins and supplements. The most famous is the vitamin niacin (vitamin B).
Dr Sarah Jarvis from the Royal College of GPS saying "Niacin is a fantastic all-round treatment in order to protect the heart." These vitamins reduce levels of LDL and Lp (a) and boost HDL levels. "

This vitamin is contained in aves and fishes, whole grains, beans and dried peas. However, patients treated with niacin supplements are usually given as much as two grams a day. This amount is far greater than the niacin you can get from food.
Jarvis explains, the problem is, niacin widens blood vessels so that makes the skin flushed and warm. "Most patients can not tolerate."

But, have available a new form of niacin (tredaptive) who can solve this problem. Tredaptive have additional components that could inhibit the chemicals cause skin reddening.

But, niacin is not the only vitramin which can reduce levels of Lp (a). According to health experts bebepara, Lp (a) also respond some other supplements, like vitamin C and fish oil.

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