Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cheese and immune

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Cheese can help maintain and improve the performance of the immune system in elderly people. It was revealed in the research of Dr. Ibrahim Fandi from the University of Turku, Finland. Ibrahim said the cheese can act as carriers of probiotics or 'good bacteria'.

Ibrahim led the team asked the volunteers aged 72-103 years to eat one slice of cheese Gouda or placebo along with their breakfast dishes for four weeks. Researchers then tested participants' blood to determine the effect of probiotic bacteria contained in the cheese of the immune system.

The test results indicate significant improvement in immunity through the activation of certain blood cells. Intake of probiotic bacteria has been reported to enhance immune responses through other products and now we find the cheese can be the bearer of the same bacteria," said Ibrahim.

Researchers believe the daily intake of probiotic cheese can overcome the immune system performance degradation related to age or known by immunosenescene. The decline resulted in the body is unable to kill tumor cells and reduce the immune response to vaccination and infection.

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