Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prostate cancer vaccine is safe and has few side effects

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Happy news for those who suffer from prostate cancer. Study results reveal that provenge, prostate cancer vaccine therapy, otherwise safe and has few side effects. The Directorate of Food and Drugs of the United States approved the use of the vaccine in men with advanced prostate cancer who failed hormone therapy and clinical data," said lead researcher Dr.Simon Hall A chief officer urology research center at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

He explained the benefits of vaccines provenge for prostate cancer patients who have metastatic hormone-immune side effects were minimal when compared with chemotherapy. In addition, provenge able to improve survival more than chemotherapy. The average lifetime for men given provenge is 4.5 months.

Some patients experienced a longer age of two to three years. This is a relatively new method of treatment," said Hall. Data from the four phases of the experiment showed 904 people have increased expectations and quality of life with mild side effects. The researchers noted at least 83% of patients who consumed provenge even able to move without restrictions at all.

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