Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gambling Addiction

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If one of your parents' gambling addiction, you are also a greater risk of experiencing the same thing.
According to experts from the University of Missouri, this is the first discovery that reveals the relationship of genetic factors in gambling addiction among women.

A previous study showed that in men, addicted to gambling descended in the family. These studies extend these findings by involving women.
Professor Slutske and his friends from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, could reveal differences in the impact of genetic and environmental factors on gambling addiction with learning and identical twin brother who does not look the same twins (fraternal twin).

The research team involving more than 2,700 women and 2,000 men from the Australian Twin Registry. The participants were questioned about their gambling habits. In addition, researchers also interviewed their friends.
Almost all study participants had to gamble to some extent. But, men are two times greater risk of addiction than women. This difference, according to the researchers, is caused by social and environmental impact.

However, the research team also discovered the role of genes. If your sister has a gambling problem and identical twins, you risk greater experience the same thing than if you are fraternal twins.

Although research shows that genes play a part in gambling addiction, the possibility does not exist 'gambling gene. Just like alcohol addiction, gambling problem is a complex disorder.
Gambling addiction is a mental-health problem that is understood to be one of many kinds of impulse-control problems a person may suffer from. Gambling addiction is also called compulsive gambling or pathological gambling.

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