Friday, June 18, 2010

Heart patients, 75 percent of patients with Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not just a problem of erectile disorder, but also related to heart health. If allowed, according to study findings, about 75 percent of men with ED can consistently suffered a heart attack or stroke in five years.

Several studies from different parts of the world have shown that ED is a marker of vascular disease (blood vessel), especially coronary disease and stroke.
Findings showed that fifty percent of men who had heart attacks, has suffered DE approximately three years earlier. Even more worrisome is the fact that men with ED (about 150 million globally) tend to die earlier than men free of ED.

All arteries can be clogged due to high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, smoking, obesity or diabetes. But because the arteries in the penis is smaller (with one to two millimeters in diameter), these vessels clogged faster than the vessels in the heart (which has a width of three to four millimeters).

In experiments conducted around the world, most ED cases (about 75 per cent), caused by hardening of the arteries. But if this condition describes the size of the potential for heart disease and stroke, so this finding and also shows the large role of ED in preventing these heart problems and stroke.

These findings open new opportunities. Research shows that most men will experience coronary problems between two and five years after the first erectile disorder.
“Therefore, said of Dr Graham Jackson, a consultant cardiologist from Thomas' Hospital in London, it is better to handle it immediately. "," How? ",

Here are tips from Jackson, as outlined in the website, for you:
1. Discussing ED with your partner. This issue should be solved together. Support and communication is very important to maintain harmonious relations.
2. Visit your doctor, ideally with a partner, so the doctor can examine the related conditions, such as increased cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.
3. Change your lifestyle. Physically active works to increase sexual fitness. Lose weight, increase physical activity, quit smoking and follow a Mediterranean diet could overcome erectile problems without medication.


  1. What's alarming now is that, among 75% treated, only 25% are cured. Are they not using any of those effective ED drugs like brand Viagra, Cialis or Levitra?

  2. Viagra is a prescription medication for ED that needs to be taken under a qualified doctor or health care professional’s supervision. Research also shows that Viagra is usually well tolerated by most patients, even those with heart problems. However, as each patient is different, it's important that they speak to their doctor about taking Viagra.